About Us

Being on Mommy or Daddy duty means you are always in need of a baby blanket. Perhaps it’s for snuggling your newborn babe up in a tight swaddle so they can drift off to sleep. Maybe Mom needs a cover while nursing, or Dad needs a blanket for your toddler to hang out on at the beach. Baby blankets are always a must-have in the diaper bag.

As a first time mom, I found I was always draped in a baby blanket, one way or another. Whether I was nursing him, rocking my swaddled little man to sleep or covering his car seat while out in public, a blanket was always in use. Now that he is getting older, the blankets are still there, bringing him peace when he needs to wind down for a nap, something to snuggle when it’s cold, and the perfect way to play peek-a-boo when we need a good belly laugh.

As much as we need and love our baby blankets, we had two problems with the ones on the market: 1) They didn’t last through the wear and tear of a little one through the months and years and 2) The prints were not my style (to say the least).

As first time parents with a newborn baby, it was hard to feel like ourselves again. The fact that we were always draped in white cloud and sheep covered blankets didn’t help.

This is where the idea for The Rebel Baby was born (no pun intended!). I wanted to design products that felt like our family. Rad products that have style, versatility, and durability.

I hope you and your rebel baby love them as much as we do.

From our family to yours!